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Peppermint Lavender Bath Bomb

Peppermint Lavender Bath Bomb

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Bath bombs are meant to enhance the bath experience. The natural ingredients used in the making of each of these will react when in contact to water by creating a gentle fizzing effect and will release its aroma in the room setting the mood to a relaxing bath. The color and scent are harmonized together to make the most of each senses.

    Instructions for Bath:

    1. Fill the bathtub as you would normally do.
    2. Deposit one bath bomb into the water.
    3. Sit in. Relax. Enjoy!

    Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Kaolin Clay, SLSA,  Almond Oil, , Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oil, Isopropyl Alcohol USP 70% and/or Witch Hazel, Polysorbate.
    Color: Mica Powder


    Size: 5 oz per bag

    Warnings: This handmade product is meant to create fizz and color your bath water for a enjoyable bathing experience.

    • Make sure you carefully read the ingredients if you have any allergies.
    • If you feel any discomfort or rashes, please get out of the bath.
    • Children under 10 years old should be attended when the bath bomb is in the water.